As Lang Financial moves into 2020 and COVID-19 is upon us we continue our optimism and feelings that we are all in it together and we can only succeed by helping each other.

The “Work at Home” environment certainly challenges each of us and our business each day and puts a spotlight on our preparedness during a catastrophe. Many of our partners struggled initially but are now moving into a rhythm. We as well begin each day on our Google Teams platform to check in to make sure we continue our culture of empathy and help. I do feel lucky that our preparedness made it easy, not necessarily enjoyable, to work from home. We have been developing, over the last five years, technology and communication programs that allow our workforce to continue without a hitch. Our CRM helps manage our team members tasks and gives their managers an easy way to view their productivity. Again, it still is a learning experience for all of us.

Lang Financials’ ability to help our partners, friends and colleagues is why we thrive. The calls and emails are both heart-wrenching and happy, all at the same time. Business is tough, but our people are healthy. Or we have COVID employees and need help and direction. We can help guide them or recommend someone that can. We have deep resources for just this reason. People Path HR, our new company, is also here to make sure you handle HR issues in this ever-changing environment.

We will continue growing, learning, and consulting with our clients and friends because that is what we do. The promises we have always made will come true with the addition of my two daughters, the 3rd generation joining LFG, over the last 10-years. Cara and Alana have the same caring philosophy to move the company and our clients into this new decade. We are creating and using technology while keeping it personal, our first goal.

A quick background, 36 years I began in the insurance business and quickly learned to listen, ask and drill down to understanding what the person in front of me needs. This skill is needed more than ever in helping guide our clients. Each day requires flexibility as we figure this out together.

Future planning and communicating are key. This might be an Employee Benefit Plan revamp for your company, insuring your key employees after realizing how important they are and what a hit they would be to the bottom line or even your own Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Solutions, which show inadequacies and updating as well. We have time to examine the “what if’s” and would welcome your time and thoughts.

Today, more than ever, good planning continues businesses success and family’s dreams. Good planning gives choices.

Planning is what Lang Financial Group is built upon. We are always striving for positive outcomes and experiences from our clients, but we need feedback. The NPS (National Producer Score) survey measures these client experiences to ensure we are on track with you. We regularly receive #5 scores (5 being the best) which immediately tells us we are doing it right. And, if we don’t, we want to know why? The why is how we get better. We care, we listen, and we change to continue to be the best we can be.

To better our client journey, we continue to employ significant resources. We understand that ease in planning is key to working on and completing whatever may be necessary. These resources could be e-signatures, group benefits online enrollment tools, and fast-track individual underwriting for life, disability and long-term care. Globally, the insurance business is changing, and Lang Financial Group is right on the cutting edge. Our focus and vision continues to be educating, bringing ease through simple processes and technology and executing the important programs our clients need. And, most importantly, building strong durable relationships that are earned over many years of service.

Also, with our historically strong insurance company relationships, we can and do represent our clients in the best light possible. We understand and look for comprehensive contract language, strong carrier financials and rating and continually evaluate whom deserves our client’s business. With over 2500 insurance companies available, our mission is to research, vet and deliver the best insurance companies available. The Insurance Industry, not just on a carrier level but also on an agency level, is seeing high aggregation. Lang Financial Group has committed to staying independent to ensure our clients are well handled.

We have joined United Benefit Advisors, an Independent Insurance Association, collaborating with like-minded agencies that bind together to give us a stronger voice and deep experience. This association has over 130 agencies that share employer analytics, anonymously, to benchmark and compare your medical plans to other high performing teams. This information tells us geographically, in various industries and size whether you’re on track based upon your specific goals. The key to best practice and use of your company expense.

There is a war on talent. And we understand that a benefit package is either 1st or 2nd in the lineup of attracting and retaining employees. Let us help you and your employees spend their time scaling your business while we handle the insurance dirty work.

If you own or run a business and want an expert team around you to answer questions and lead you in the right direction we are here. If you’re a family woman or man and want to take a hard look at your family planning, we can and will make it as easy as possible. It sounds like no fun, but we get it done!

Our motto begins and ends with “Insurance is for people who love someone or something.” This core value is shown in everything we do. It is not the only solution to one’s problems but might be recommended to help our clients visions become realities.

Our future with you is bright. Please join us as we move into this next decade. We strongly believe that we are all in this together and our way of giving back is making sure the people you love and the business you built can fulfill the promises you have made. That’s the very basic of what we do. Helping you fulfill your promises.


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