How Women Can Call the Shots on Their Own Lives Until the Very End

Years ago, I read a poem called “When I’m an Old Lady and Live with my Kids.” Let’s call it a kind of humorous ‘revenge rhapsody.’ It had a truly profound effect on me. But I didn’t find it so funny.  Nobody dreams of ending up at their kid’s house, being dependent on them physically [...]

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Finding the Right Balance for Cost Splitting between Employer & Employee on Benefits

Health costs continue to rise, and because of that, employees are putting greater weight in employers that bear more of the costs of health benefits.  So, one of the largest challenges companies face when choosing an employee benefits package -- other than the astronomical cost-- is deciding how much of that cost the company should [...]

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How Your Medical Records Could Affect Your Insurance Premiums

You know that meningitis you had in college?  Or that prescription you were given for anxiety 20 years ago during your divorce?  Well, if it’s on record, it’s game for insurance companies to consider it when they issue you an insurance policy and charge you premiums.  So, ANY history, once written down, has its pros [...]

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How Genomics May Turn the Insurance Industry on Its Head

What is buried in your DNA was once a secret, buried deep within the paired strands of your DNA. The Human Genome Project, began in 1900, has changed all that. The watershed moment came in 2003 when the international research project completed its mission: sequencing the genome. Decoding the blueprint for every human being, which [...]

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